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Withstand Market Volatilities

The principle of ‘Dollar Cost Averaging’ takes the burden of watching the market off your shoulders, automatically acquiring fewer shares when the price is on the rise, and acquiring more shares when the price is on the decrease.


Accumulating Wealth Step by Step

Personalise your monthly contribution amount, and grow your savings with ease. With monthly contribution amounts as low as HK$1,0001, we can help smoothen out your investment path.


Transactions that are Clear and Convenient

Every transaction comes with a timely email notification. You can also check your transaction history, alter investment amount or funds with ease on our online platform.

User Guides & Videos

How to initiate a Monthly Investment Plan?

How to adjust a Monthly Investment Plan?

Ride out different changes

Discover income stream for the new normal

Ride out different changes

Discover income stream for the new normal











Contact your Manulife financial planning manager or our customer service hotline at 21081110.

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*Limited to the first 800 invitees who complete the online procedure within the Promotion Period. Promotion Period is from now until 30 June 2021. For details, please read the Terms and Conditions.

1. To initiate a monthly investment plan, each of your selected funds must start with a minimum holding of HKD20,000 per class and the minimum subscription amount starts at HKD1,000.