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2017 September Fed announces exit from QE: Implications for EM and Asia

Geoff Lewis, Senior Asia Strategist, Manulife Asset Management believes that the Fed’s exit is a watershed moment, and one that will likely be successfully navigated. For Emerging Markets (EM) and Asia, the decision’s long-term impact should be muted, although there may be short-term hiccups.

2017 August Reserve Bank of India cuts interest rates

Indian equities specialist Rana Gupta believes that future monetary policy decisions will be based on the trajectory of growth and inflation data, with room to cut a further 25-50 bps by March 2018.

2017 June China’s A-Shares Added to MSCI

Ronald Chan, Chief Investment Officer, Equities, Asia (ex-Japan), believes that inclusion has symbolic significance. It will also lead to better sector diversification, and is a vote of confidence for China to further financial reforms and capital market development.

2017 June UK Election: Voters Continue To Surprise Markets

Manulife Asset Management’s Head of Europe and EAFE Equities, David Hussey considers what the outcome could mean for UK equities and the ongoing Brexit negotiations.

2017 May Moody’s downgrades China and Hong Kong

Endre Pedersen, Manulife Asset Management’s Fixed Income (Asia ex-Japan) Chief Investment Officer, explains the market impact of the downgrade.

2017 May The wait is over. Indonesia finally wins full investment grade status from S&P.

Endre Pedersen, Manulife Asset Management’s Chief Investment Officer for Fixed Income (Asia ex-Japan) summarises what this upgrade means for Indonesia, and what opportunities it could present going forward.

2017 May Investment note: French Elections - A Market Friendly Outcome

The outcome of the French Presidential election will no doubt be greeted by investors with a sigh of relief. Emmanuel Macron, the market’s preferred candidate, has won Sunday’s vote. In this note, our Head of Europe, Australasia and Far East (EAFE) Equities David Hussey examines if Mr. Macron’s victory could put to bed lingering fears about the outlook for European equities.

2017 April Investment note: Comment on Fed Rate Hike

Members of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) voted for 25 basis points rate hike, raising the target range for the federal funds rate (Fed’s benchmark rate) to “0.75% to 1%”. Manulife Asset Management Chief Economist Megan Greene examines why economic data justified a rate hike and its implications for the economy.

2017 March Investment note: Steady the ship, few surprises at China's NPC Work Report

China's national legislature has produced the expected raft of policy announcements, but without many surprises. Although a more flexible growth target received the most attention, Manulife Asset Management Senior Asia Strategist Geoff Lewis thinks that Chinese policy makers will continue to focus on economic stability, while doing more to manage long-term financial risks. This strategy to maximize stability should work for 2017, but will require an increasingly intricate balancing act to be viable over the longer run.

2016 December Post-Election Outlook For US Large Cap Equities

US stocks have done well since the US Presidential Election. As of November 30, the S&P 500 has gained more than 3% in three weeks. Manulife Asset Management’s Senior Managing Director Sandy Sanders believes that as large US banks have the highest levels of capital in over 30 years, strong balance sheets, and have passed the Fed’s rigorous stress tests four straight years, the possibility of higher interest rates and lower regulation would be significant tailwinds for the sector.

2016 November US Presidential Election and its impact on Asian markets

Ronald CC Chan, Chief Investment Officer, Equities, Asia (ex-Japan) of Manulife Asset Management believes that in the post-US election era investors may increasingly turn to Asia due to relatively compelling economic fundamentals and outlook, a rebounding earnings outlook and a changing demographic profile giving rise to innovative firms.

2016 November Q3 US GDP: Look Under the Hood

The US economy grew at a seasonally adjusted rate of 2.9% in the third quarter. Manulife Asset Management's Chief Economist Megan Greene thinks the strength could be a one-off, and expectations for a repeat performance could lead to disappointments.

2016 August Shenzhen Hong Kong Stock Connect Gets Green Light

The long-awaited stock-trading link between Hong Kong and Shenzhen has been approved in a step toward opening China’s equity market to international investors. In this note, we provide a big picture update with Manulife Asset Management Asia-Pacific and Greater China equities specialists' insights into the unique investment opportunities presented by the latest trading-link.

2016 June ABC, or Asia's Brexit Correction: What now for Asian economies and stock markets?

Manulife Asset Management’s Senior Asia Strategist, Geoff Lewis, writes that unexpected events like Brexit can sometimes bring opportunity as well as risks.

2016 June The Brexit Effect: Global risk aversion imminent, but Asia fixed income strategy unflinching

Endre Pedersen, Chief Investment Officer, Fixed Income (Asia ex-Japan), Manulife Asset Management, does not anticipate Brexit leading to any material negative impact on the Asian fixed income portfolios.


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